CAR SEAT | 0-36 KG


The Yoga car seat has been designed to accompany your child on journeys from birth to around 12 years. It is provided for weight categories 0-36 kg (groups 0+, I, II, III). It has 4 levels of seat inclination adjustment, which are operated by a convenient lever located in the base of the seat. The location of the center of gravity allows for a smooth and quick change of the seat inclination when the little traveler falls asleep. Yoga also has a TopTether belt and ISOFIX attachments that are released automatically using a lever mounted under the seat. In addition, the comfort of travel is increased by an elegant, interchangeable material insert, a retractable headrest and five-point seat belts with overlays to eliminate the risk of abrasions.

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Intended for children:


0-12 years


0-36 kg








12,3 kg


ECE R44/04

External dimensions:

44 x 50 x 64 cm (+16 cm headrest regulation)

Internal dimensions:

29 x 30 cm (seat)

Forward/rearward facing:

rearward (to 13 kg), forward (9-36 kg)


4-step seat incline adjustment

Seat belts:

5-point belts

Reducer cushion:


The most important features:

  • designed for children weighing 0-36 kg (group 0 +, I, II, III)
  • rearward facing installation with car seat belts (group 0+)
  • forward-facing installation (for weight group 9-36 kg) using car seat belts or ISOFIX and TopTether mountings
  • 4-step backrest adjustment up to a wide angle of inclination allows transporting newborns
  • removable reduction insert for babies, made of breathable materials
  • 5-point seat belts with convenient length adjustment
  • bucket shape for additional side protection
  • delicate overlays on the belts, eliminating the risk of abrasions and irritation of the child’s skin
  • spacious seat and backrest guaranteeing the child the right space and comfort while traveling
  • aesthetic removable upholstery guaranteeing convenience in use and maintenance
  • durable construction made of high quality materials
  • modern design combining aesthetics with functionality
  • ECE R44 / 04 approval

Manual - Caretero Yoga car seat