Do you sell retail?

We do not sell retail, however our products are available in many stationary and online stores.

Where can I find the prices of your products?

We do not have a retail price list. Retail sales of Caretero products are dealt with by our partners who determine the final price of the products. We only provide the business pricelist to verified companies.

I am an entrepreneur and I would like to start working with you. How is this possible?

For this purpose, please visit the co-operation tab where the form is. Filling it in and sending it back to us is necessary to set up an account in our iks2 online warehouse.

What are the legal requirements for car seats?

In all European Union countries, children must be transported in car seats until they reach a height of 135 or 150 cm, depending on the country.

What should be remembered before buying a car seat?

Before buying, pay attention to two aspects – whether the seat is approved and meets the safety standard, and whether the seat fits our car and whether the child will be comfortable in it. We always encourage you to try on the car seat before buying.
All Caretero car seats are ECE R44 / 04 approved, which can be recognized by the orange label on each seat. Obtaining it is a condition for allowing the seat to be sold in the European Union.

What do the weight categories mean in the description of car seats?

The weight categories of car seats are based on the child’s weight (important: they are not directly related to his age). Thanks to them, you can easily choose a seat that will provide the greatest comfort and safety for your baby. The weight categories of car seats are given in two ways: – in the form of a specific weight range, e.g. 9-36 kg or in the form of a numerical designation that corresponds to a specific weight category: 0 (0-10 kg), 0+ (0-13 kg), 1 (9-18kg), 2 (15-25kg), 3 (22-36kg).

What is i-Size?

i-Size (ECE R129) is a car seat regulation that entered into force on July 9, 2013 and will continue to apply in parallel with the current regulations for several years. They include a rearward facing travel requirement for children up to 15 months of age. This is to ensure the highest protection in an accident in the event of a frontal collision. I-Size car seats are divided into categories according to the child’s height – from birth to 105 cm and from 100 – 135/150 cm.

When should the seat be replaced with a larger one?

We recommend that your child use the seat for as long as possible, but no longer than until the weight limit is exceeded or the head reaches the top edge of the seat. To facilitate this, our seats have a number of adjustments that we are able to make ourselves, such as: removing the insert and 5-point belts or adjusting the height of the headrest. This allows the seat to be better adapted to the child’s height and weight.
The use of the seats in each group should end when it exceeds the weight limit, in addition:

– the use of Group 0+ carriers should be discontinued when the child is able to sit up unaided or when the head begins to extend beyond the top edge of the carrier.
– the use of a Group I seat should last until the upper edge of the seat is approximately at eye level.
– for group II and III, make sure that the car seat belt is properly positioned on the child’s shoulders. It often happens that the child in this group using the seat too early is so small that there is a risk of it sliding out from under the car seat belt.

Where can I find data on the dimensions and weight of your products?

Such data is placed on the page of each product. You can also find a description, main product features and a photo gallery there.

I would like to take advantage of the warranty / repair the product. Unfortunately, I cannot contact the shop where I made the purchase. How should I deal with such a situation?

In such a situation, we encourage you to contact us directly (contact details are available in the Contact section). In the event of a complaint, you will need a proof of purchase, e.g. a receipt or a completed warranty card.

Does buying a used child seat guarantee safety?

We never recommend buying used car seats because of the many unknowns associated with the previous user. The car seats involved in the accident may not have any visible damage, and the impact may result in microcracks, which does not guarantee full safety.

What to do if my car seat has been involved in a car accident / collision?

We always recommend replacing the seat with a new one after a car collision. As an importer and distributor of the Caretero brand, we are able to provide an opinion on damage to the seat after an accident. In order to obtain such an opinion, please contact us at caretero@caretero.pl

Can I use a rearward facing seat on a seat next to the driver that has an airbag?

The installation of rearward-facing child seats in the front seat is prohibited when the airbag is activated. This can seriously endanger your baby’s safety. We do not recommend transporting children in the seat next to the driver. If we have no choice, move the seat as far back as possible. In addition, these seats often do not have ISOFIX attachments, which does not allow the installation of seats with this type of attachment.

Can a child fastened in a car seat travel in thick clothing?

We recommend that your child does not wear too many layers of clothing, as the seat belts may not fit properly to the body. The solution is to fasten your child in the seat. and then covering it from the outside with a blanket or a sleeping bag.

Can I purchase separately elements for Caretero products, such as upholstery or wheels?

Yes, we have various additional elements for our products on sale. Please contact our service department (details in the warranty and service tab).