Securo is an innovative car seat for children, created with the safety and comfort of the youngest passengers in mind. Designed for children between 40 cm and 150 cm tall, the seat offers comprehensive protection and comfort while traveling. Securo meets the latest i-Size approval standards, giving passengers the confidence that they are traveling in accordance with the highest safety standards. It can be mounted in the car using ISOFIX and top-tether anchors or using ISOFIX anchors and car seat belts. The seat is equipped with an integrated button that is also responsible for adjusting the inclination and rotating the seat 360 degrees, thanks to which you can quickly and conveniently protect your child before traveling. The Securo seat is adapted to the needs of children from the first months of life, accompanying them until they no longer require a seat. Comfort and convenience of traveling are ensured thanks to the ergonomically designed insert. The seat upholstery is made of high-quality polyester fabric, which is delicate to the touch. Thanks to the eight-step headrest adjustment and a set of inserts, the seat can be perfectly adjusted to the child’s height, ensuring maximum comfort during travel. Securo also has a four-step tilt adjustment, both in the forward and rear-facing position, which allows you to adjust the seat to the child’s individual preferences and needs during travel. An additional advantage is the side SIP (Side Impact Protection) reinforcement, providing additional protection in the event of a road collision. Securo is not only a car seat, but also a guarantee of a peaceful and comfortable journey for the youngest passengers and their parents.

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Intended for children:


40-150 cm








13.5 kg


ECE R129/02

External dimensions:

Width: 43 cm depth: 52 cm height: 61-77 cm

Internal dimensions:

30 x 28 cm (seat); backrest with headrest 47 - 69 cm

Forward/rearward facing:

forward and rearward


Adjustment: 4-step adjustment of the backrest inclination for forward driving and the same for reverse driving Precise headrest adjustment up to 24 cm, seat rotates 360 degrees

Seat belts:

5-point harness

Reducer cushion:



pleasant to the touch and antibacterial upholstery made of polyester-bamboo fabric

Intended for children:

40-150 cm

The most important features:

  • intended for children 40-150 cm tall.
  • compliance with the rigorous ECE R129 i-Size standard
  • 360° swivel seat
  • rear-facing installation (up to 105 cm tall – ISOFIX and Top-tether or Isofix and Car seat belts) or forward-facing installation (from 76 to 105 cm tall – ISOFIX + Top Tether, up to 100 to 140 cm – ISOFIX + Car seat belts)
  • 4-step backrest adjustment
  • Precise headrest adjustment up to 24 cm
  • removable reducing insert for babies
  • 5-point seat belts with convenient length adjustment
  • durable construction made of high-quality materials
  • modern design combining aesthetics with functionality
  • pleasant to the touch upholstery made of polyester fabric
  • modern design combining aesthetics with functionality