Lightweight, practical and easy to operate square playpen. Quadra is perfect as a place for the baby to rest and play both at home and while travelling. Equipped with a soft mattress with a colourful design and stand-up learning handles. Matching carrier bag for easy transportation included.

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Intended for children:


up to 15 kg

Playpen weight:

8,9 kg

External dimensions:

83 x 83 x 71 cm

Internal dimensions:

77 x 77 x 60 cm

Dimensions after folding:

21 x 21 x 75 cm

Equipment included:

carrier bag


EN 12227

The most important features:

  • portable playpen for babies weighing up to 15 kg
  • soft mattress with a colourful design
  • zipper-opened mesh door with a colourful printing
  • stand-up learning handles
  • easy to fold and unfold for space and time saving
  • carrier bag included
  • solid, durable and easy to clean textiles
  • large variety of colours allows to match the playpen with the baby’s room design
  • EN 12227 approval

Manual - Caretero Quadra playpen