CAR SEAT | 0-36 KG


Mundo is a car seat for little globetrotters. It is intended for children from 0 to 36 kg. The seat can be used from the first months of life until it is no longer required. At Mundo, we combine safety and comfort with contemporary styling. Thanks to the seat that rotates 360 °, changing the position in relation to the direction of travel and placing the child in the seat is much easier. On the other hand, a special reduction insert and a pillow allow you to place the baby in an optimal position. The attractive appearance of the seat is primarily due to the upholstery with eco-leather elements decorated with white stitching. Mundo meets the ECE R44 / 04 standard. In addition, safety is ensured by a solid shell and 5-point belts adjustable together with the headrest. For babies weighing up to 13 kg, additional protection is provided by mounting the seat backwards, and a special reduction insert and a pillow allow the baby to be placed in the optimal position. Slightly older children and their parents will surely appreciate the 3-way adjustable backrest inclination. All these advantages make Mundo the perfect choice when it comes to a seat that combines safety, comfort and a beautiful appearance.

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Intended for children:


0-10 years


0-36 kg








8 kg


ECE R44/04

External dimensions:

44 x 44 x 60 cm +14 cm headrest regulation

Internal dimensions:

29x31 cm (seat)

Forward/rearward facing:



3-step backrest tilt, headrest height, 360-degree rotation of a seat

Seat belts:

5-point belts

Reducer cushion:


The most important features:

  • created for children weighing 0-36 kg (group 0 +, I, II, III)
  • 360 ° rotating seat, changing the position in relation to the direction of travel and inserting a child is even more convenient
  • rearward-facing installation (0-13 kg – ISOFIX and TopTether belt or car belt) or forward facing (9-18 kg – ISOFIX and TopTether belt / 15-36 kg – ISOFIX and seat belts)
  • 3-stage tilt angle adjustment allows for transporting newborns with rearward facing attachment
  • removable reduction insert for babies, made of pleasant-to-touch materials
  • 5-point seat belts with convenient length adjustment integrated with the headrest
  • bucket shape for side protection
  • delicate overlays on the belts, eliminating the risk of abrasions and irritation of the child’s skin
  • spacious seat and backrest guaranteeing the child the right space and comfort while traveling
  • black eco-leather outside upholstery decorated with white threads
  • removable upholstery in a fashionable color, ensuring easy maintenance
  • durable construction made of high-quality materials ensures long and comfortable use
  • modern design combining aesthetics with functionality
  • ECE R44 / 04 approval

Manual - Caretero Mundo car seat