Walking with children is a real challenge and pleasure at the same time. Thanks to the new Colosus stroller, this pleasure will be even greater and the walking challenges will be easier to overcome.
Large foam wheels make it easier to ride on more difficult terrain. Cushioning the front wheels further enhances comfort. These solutions mean less: maneuvering, dodging and gripping. A very spacious interior and a comfortable insert make it easy for the child to find the most comfortable position. The stroller has a combined handle, with which you can fold the stroller even with one hand. The accordion folding system means that when folded, it does not require a wide trunk for transport.

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Intended for children:


up to 15 kg


11 kg

Seat dimensions:

25 x 33 cm + 45 cm backrest


3-positions of backrest incline, 2-positions of footrest incline

External dimensions:

98 x 63 x 110 cm

Dimensions after folding:

74 x 64 x 31 cm


5-point harness, adjustable


front EVA foam, cushioned, 18 cm diameter, with lock; rear EVA foam, 24,5 cm diameter


EN 1888

The most important features:

  • Suitable for children from 6 months old, weighing up to 15 kg
  • the structure based on an aluminum frame guarantees durability and reliability, while maintaining a small weight of the stroller in its class (only 11 kg)
  • modern silhouette, fashionable colors based on melange materials
  • 18 cm diameter foam front wheels are amortized and can be locked
  • reflective elements integrated into the wheels increase the visibility of the stroller at dusk
  • 24.5 cm foam rear wheels have a link brake
  • a roomy and durable basket allows you to transport purchases and larger items
  • very spacious interior and a comfortable insert
  • the comfortable backrest has a mechanism that enables quick, three-step adjustment of the inclination
  • 5-point harness with comfortable overlays
  • the extended hood protects against wind and sun, and an additional window allows you to observe the child
  • durable soft footrest with tilt adjustment
  • Combined handle with folding buttons
  • footrest made of easy-to-clean material
  • central brake – lock both rear wheels with one press
  • solid, stiffened cover for feet as standard equipment
  • folding system – unlike strollers, the stroller does not require a wide trunk. After folding, it reaches dimensions: 74 x 64 x 31 cm
  • trolley compliant with European standard EN 1888

Manual - Caretero Colosus stroller